History for a Present that has Future Growth Potential

Hirsch Beteiligungs GmbH (Hirsch Holding Company Ltd) is an enterprise with a tradition that goes back to 1892. That is where you can find the roots of our craft, where the heart of our family beats, the source of the comprehensive competences and experiences from which our customers and partners derive long-term benefits. Our aim is to create new interfaces, to utilize new networks and to take on new challenges, so that new ideas can arise and new developments can begin.

We have been making history for 120 years and over four generations with our participations. Thanks to our successful internationalization strategy, we have become a group of enterprises with more than 400 employees that undertakes assignments from Austria and from foreign countries ranging from Poland to Russia and Azerbaijan. We regard ourselves as a backbone of the economy and of the societies and communities in the countries where we are active; our projects range from the airport in Dushanbe, Tadzhikistan, to a hospital in Libreville, Gabon, and from the medical center in Klagenfurt to the new economic university in Vienna.

The idea of a family enterprise has proven to be decisive and has been consequently exported. Our subsidiary companies and project corporations are run as family businesses that provide new possibilities for the individual development of their employees, give the management personal responsibility and open up new opportunities for all participants. Thanks to family participation models and succession plans senior executives are able to assume entrepreneurial responsibility and, as owners, to build up sustainable companies that maintain their regional identity and develop a distinctive character.

We are always concerned with making a profit, but for us that always means a profit for the people involved – customers and partners, employees and local people. That is why we invest our comprehensive, long-term personal experience with the economy and with developmental assistance in, among other areas, social projects. Both people and the economy profit from this involvement.

One example is the “African Angels Bakery”, which we opened in Korogocho, the second-largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2015. Local adolescents are trained in this bakery, which provides baked goods for children in the Damascus School that is only a few meters away and pays for their education with the money it earns. Local people sell its products on their stands, at weekly markets, in flagship stores and as bicycle vendors. Within the framework of “Hope for Future” we, together with partners, donors, other businesses and entrepreneurial personalities, were thereby able to realize a start-up in a slum that originated in that slum and operates for the good of that slum. The aim was to bring about commercial activities that involve and support local people and enable them to take control of their own lives.

We are at the threshold of the future. Let us take control of it. Right now!

» A German language article entitiled „Von Leonding in die bunte weite Welt“ [From Leonding in the Multifarious Wide World] (corporAID)