Comprehensive tasks, sustainable goals

Our field of activity comprises strategic business development at home and abroad as well as strategic participation in companies. These currently include participations of Hirsch GmbH in Uedl, which acts as a „prime contractors for Fit Out“, in Hirsch Malerei und Mehr GmbH [a painting enterprise] in Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw, Prague and Bratislava as well as in project enterprises in St. Petersburg in Russia and Baku, Azerbaijan.

We also offer participations in the field of succession plans for enterprises, an area of activity in which we have acquired concrete experience over a long period of time and have been successful. We also do consulting for enterprises in crisis situations. Together with them we seek and find new approaches.

A special point is the training as well as the continuing and further education of our employees. That has always played a key role in our enterprise, and we are highly qualified in this area. Of course our competence as judicially certified and legally sworn experts for painting work is also a part of our range of services.

Competence in craft:

  • Strategic business development
  • Strategic participation in companies
  • Support in succession plans for enterprises
  • Consulting for enterprises in crisis situations
  • Training as well as continuing and further education for our employees
  • Judicially certified and legally sworn experts for painting work


  • Uedl with Hirsch Ltd, “Prime Contractors for Fit Out“
  • Hirsch Malerei und Mehr GmbH Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw, Prague, Bratislava
  • Project enterprises in St. Petersburg and Baku

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